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mTrigger Biofeedback

What is it?

The mTrigger Biofeedback System utilizes surface electromyography (sEMG) to measure the activity produced by targeted muscle groups during activity. This data is then used to monitor voluntary muscle activation to improve the accuracy and quality of voluntary muscle recruitment during each activity.

How does it work?

We place two electrodes per muscle group prior to completing the target activity.  The

system is quickly calibrated to each client followed by them completing the target activity. The electrodes capture and transmit real time data to a mobile app for observation, analysis,

and feedback.

What do we get from it?

The data allows us to see how much a particular muscle group is active during the target

activity.  This data can be used to enhance or increase the activity in the muscle group of

interest or conversely be used to inhibit or decrease the activity in the muscle group of

interest. The data is collected for each individual and can be collected for multiple muscle

groups.  This can then be used to create individualized coaching/training protocols for each


Why is this important?

With the mTrigger system and the data collected we receive great insight on a client’s

muscular recruitment.  We then create an individualized program to address the weaknesses

and enhance the strengths to shape a better athlete.  With this individualized data and training protocol development, we help reduce the chance of injury and increase performance.

The goal is to create a better, faster, and stronger athlete that is more resilient and can sustain a long and prosperous athletic career.

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