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Motus QB Sleeve

What is it?

MotusQB is a wearable technology that allows us to capture raw 3D movement data of the

throwing arm of a quarterback. This data is then used to evaluate and understand how a

player moves in space during their throw.  This information is then utilized to customize

coaching and training the player to improve their throwing mechanics.

How does it work?

We place the Motus compression sleeve with wireless sensors on the player. The system is

quickly calibrated to each player followed by them throwing during practice or even during a

game.  The wireless sensors capture and transmit real time data to our computer for

observation, analysis, and feedback.

What do we get from it?

The data allows us to see the stress placed on the throwers arm as well as what speed/power the athlete generates.  This data is compared to standardized data to show how we can unlock a players most efficient and powerful throw while keeping the athlete safe. The data is collected for each individual and thus can be used to create individualized coaching/training protocols for each player.

Why is this important?

With the MotusQB system and the data collected we receive great insight on a player’s

movement mechanics including their individual strengths and weaknesses.  We then create

an individualized program to address the weaknesses and enhance the strengths to shape a

better athlete.  With this individualized data and training protocol development, we help

reduce the chance of injury and increase performance.

The goal is to create a better, faster, and stronger athlete that is more resilient and can sustain a long and prosperous athletic career.

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