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Sports Performance and Recovery

Unlock your untapped potential by partnering with the BEST health and wellness team in southern Nevada.  You will gain access to our advanced knowledge of human movement, performance, and recovery along with use of our cutting edge technology.  We will help you get to the next level quickly AND safely!




Injuries can keep you sidelined for weeks or months. In our Sports Science Lab we use cutting-edge biomechanics analysis to pinpoint possible risks of injury and work to prevent them.  We also utilize specific classes to keep you healthy, such as our ACL injury prevention class.




Train like a professional athlete.  Utilize our sports science lab to weed out the weak links in your performance and allow us to develop an individualized program to take you to the next level.



and Recovery

Optimal performance is only possible with optimal recovery.  Our tissue restoration and massage therapy sessions along with our partners at Ageless and GCSR will keep your body in peak condition, ready for the next challenge.

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