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Blood Flow Restriction Training with Doppler

What is it?

Blood Flow Restriction Training, or BFR Training, is a method of training your body using a

cuff to restrict venous and arterial blood flow into a particular limb or limbs. The doppler is a

local ultrasound used to ensure that the cuff is restricting blood flow, not cutting it off

entirely. The doppler is key in adapting the BFR training to each individual and ensuring its


How does it work?

We place a cuff on one/both arms or one/both legs and use a pump to pump up the cuffs,

similar to how a blood pressure cuff works.  Using the doppler we identify your specific

Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) for each limb.  Once the LOP is determined we reduce the

pressure to 60-80% of LOP when training the lower extremities or to 40-50% of LOP when

training the lower extremities.  Once the set up is complete you complete low load resistance

exercises or aerobic exercises based on your specific rehabilitation, training, or performance


What do you get from it?

At a cellular level, BFR causes a cascade of metabolic activity that results in improved

muscular and aerobic adaptation.  This adaptation allows you to achieve muscular

hypertrophy and strength gains and increases in aerobic capacity at a lower load, intensity,

and duration.  Lower load, intensity, and duration result in a significant reduction in stress

placed on your body without sacrificing strength/endurance gains. 

Why is this important?

As a result of the decreased stress using BFR, we can prevent muscular atrophy immediately after injury/surgery as well as improving athletic longevity. Using this technology, we help reduce the chance of injury and increase performance.

The goal is to create a better, faster, and stronger athlete that is more resilient and can sustain a long and prosperous athletic career.

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