Sports Performance

and Recovery

Unlock your untapped potential by partnering with the BEST health and wellness team in southern Nevada.  You will gain access to our advanced knowledge of human movement, performance, and recovery along with use of our cutting edge technology.  We will help you get to the next level quickly AND safely!

Injury and Surgery


Your healing experience begins with the BEST team of clinicians in southern Nevada.  You will benefit from a holistic approach coupled with cutting edge research and technology. We will help you get back to doing what you love!

Utilize our cutting-edge software and rehab-tech to prevent injury, improve performance and enhance recovery.  You will routinely receive objective data to track your performance, taking the guesswork out of your health.



Limitless Therapy Services was founded as a response to challenges you may have faced when seeking medical care, especially with your physical function. Our core team is composed of physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic therapists, and massage therapists who work closely with a carefully selected network of other healthcare practitioners to help you navigate your health and wellness. Our unique model allows flexibility with where we can best serve you. We can provide you with elite care at a sports field, our partnered cutting-edge facility, or right in your living room – the possibilities are LIMITLESS.



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