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Our Extended Team

The people and companies we work with

We work with some exceptional members of our community in order to make Limitless Therapy Services the best it can be.

Get to know them and their stories by reading below. 


Go Admin Solutions

Boutique Accounting and HR Firm

GO Admin Solutions is an outsourced business partner that helps to manage the Accounting & Finance as well as the Human Resources functions of our clients’​ businesses. The biggest assets a company has are its money and its people. Those also tend to be the biggest liabilities. GO Admin handles both.

GO Admin Solutions is unique in that we really view ourselves as an integral part of your management team. We want to provide services that our clients need, rather than a package or menu of services that includes a lot of filler. We serve as your Finance and HR Managers for a flat monthly fee, rather than bill by the hour, allowing our clients access to us anytime, without concern over additional charges.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the expertise needed to give business owners their time back. Time to work on the passion that was the impetus for building their business & time to spend outside of work on what really matters.


Dylan Demyanek Media

Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Motion Designer

Dylan Demyanek is a multidisciplinary art director and motion designer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He creates visual concepts and transforms them into various mediums such as moving image, digital media and spatial experiences. His creative process involves blending cinematic influences with a clean, contemporary style. The result is a unique aesthetic that taps into foundational human emotions by taking timeless imagery and elevating it with the power of new digital tools. 

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